SaaSMachine 360° Platform

Our Proprietary Platform Based on Four Vectors


Engineering Vector

SaaS application development is a solved problem. We maintain and scale massively through optimized cloud-based architectural toolkits offered via AWS and Google Cloud. Our experienced technology associates ensure a smooth transition without loss in quality and at a lower cost.


Marketing Vector

Whether the company has SMB or Enterprise product, our Marketing & Branding team have the demand generation figured out through best in class visibility tools to place the product on procurement radars. No more iterations, just focussed, cutting edge capabilities on SaaS marketing.


Finance Vector

Bespoke capital that not only adds smart cash to the balance sheet but also alleviates the burden of daily operations, thereby enhancing focus on strategic growth. Our proven capital restructuring capabilities give the business a realistic chance to join the league of $100M+ ARR SaaS players.


Sales & Support Vector

Customers need 24×7 support and demand instant resolution. We deploy top performing Sales personnel locally and equip them with seamless support structures offshore. Our Customer 360 model drives NPS and CSAT, thereby ensuring that company competes shoulder to shoulder with industry bigwigs in Support quality.

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